Unsupervised is a podcast about Data Science in Israel. At each episode we interview an industry professional or a researcher from academia and discuss different aspects and problems in data science. We want to give a peek to what’s going on with data science across the Israeli industry and also to talk about different algorithms, tools, papers, methods and pretty much everything that’s interesting and related to Data Science and Machine Learning.

The podcast is aimed to data science professionals and researchers, as well as for those who work and collaborate with data science teams and beginners in the field.

All Episodes are recorded in Hebrew.
We want to thank Samsung Next for hosting us.

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    Privacy in Machine Learning

    The field of privacy in machine learning is becoming increasingly important. With legislation like GDPR, it is becoming necessary for us, data scientists, to be mindful about privacy concerns related to the applications we develop. In this episode we interview Ran Gilad Bachrach, a researcher at Microsoft Research, that tells us about privacy in machine learning. We'll talk about differential privacy, about homomorphic encryption and how it enables training models on encrypted data, and about secure multi party computation - a field who's goal is to help different parties train models together, even when they can't share their data with one-another.

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    Theory and Practice of Deep Neural Networks, with Daniel Soudry

    Daniel Soudry is an assistant professor and a Taub Fellow at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technion. His first work focsed on Neuroscience, attempting to understand how neurons work in the brain. He then continued to a post-doc at Columbia University, where he discovered his interest in both the practical concerns and theory of deep neural networks. This episode focuses on Daniel's research work on questions such as how to make neural network work with low numerical precision, and when are SVM and Logistic Regression the same thing? We also talk with him about his path in academia and the journey to discover his research interests.

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    Fairness In Machine Learning and AI, with Gal Yona and Yafit Lev-Aretz

    AI and ML algorithms are becoming increasingly popular, being implemented in finance, health and law enforcement systems. Mistakes these algorithms can make can have tremendous impact on people’s lives, leading to many ethical and legal questions; how do we define fairness in this context? On what personal rights do these algorithms affect? How can people appeal decisions made by algorithms? These questions, in turn, pose computational challenges, like improving the explainability of algorithms and enforcing algorithmic fairness toward minority groups. In this episode we talk to Gal Yona, from Weitzmann institute, and Yafit Lev-Aretz, from City University of New York. Together they provide us with an introduction to the hot topic of fairness in AI, from computational and legal perspective.

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    On crazy research ideas and how to make them happen, with Dafna Shahaf

    Dafna Shahaf has so many cool research projects. In this episode we talked about a few of them - using metro maps to visualize information about events and storylines; an algorithm that judges jokes; a search engine that finds creative solutions using analogies; finding surprising facts in wikipedia. She tells us how she comes up with these ideas, how she choses which ones to focus on and about her way of "failing fast".

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    From Researcher to Entrepreneur and DL for Medical Imaging, with David Golan

    David Golan was on the track to becoming a university professor. Then something happened that made him changed route. He co-founded viz.ai - a company that helps doctors detect strokes quickly. We talked about How to use Deep Learning when you don't have a lot of data; about the challenges in building an AI-oriented company in the field of medicine; and about how the time he spent as a researcher helps him as an entrepreneur.

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    Managing Data Science Teams and Getting into New Domains, with Yair Mazor

    Yair Mazor is the head of Data Science at windward. In this episode we talked about how to efficiently getting into new domain as a data scientist, about data science for maritime analytics and about different aspects in managing data science teams: the pros and cons of working as teams of data scientists vs. being a part of product and development teams; balancing between short and long term research goals; working with product managers and finally - can data scientists work in agile?

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    On the Interaction of Humans and Intelligent Systems, with Ofra Amir

    Ofra Amir did her PhD in computer science in Harvard, where she studied the interactions between humans and intelligent machines. In this episode we talk with Ofra about designing algorithms whose goal is to improve human performance in a given task, how to design metrics when some of your goals are not easily measurable, and how to explain the decisions of intelligent agents to humans.

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    Data Science is more than just ML, with Nimrod Priell

    Yo data scientists, Nimrod Priell has a very important message for you - Data Science is much more than just Machine Learning. It may sound trivial when you think about it, but yet it's very easy to forget these days. Nimrod, a Data Science team lead at facebook, told us about 7 different products of a data scientist (only one of which is a machine learning model!), about the two metrics he uses to evaluate a product, and how it helps him to manage data science projects and build a versatile and diverse team. We found this talk very interesting, and hope you do too.

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    What do Data Scientists do in the Army? with Sefi Cohen

    In this episode we talked with Sefi Cohen, head of Data Science squad in the IDF. He tells us about the different projects they're doing and how he started a Data Science team with very little knowledge of Machine Learning and Data Science techniques, how he chose the right people for this team and how they all learned the craft together.

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    ML in Health Care, Causal Inference and Motifs in Music, with Uri Shalit

    Uri Shalit did his Ph.d at the Hebrew University and a post doc in NYU. We talked about his research in machine learning for Health Care and what are the unique challenges in this field, about Causal Inference and how it is relevant to many machine learning problems, and about a cool study he did during his Ph.d about Motif identification in music.

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