Unsupervised is a podcast about Data Science in Israel. At each episode we interview an industry professional or a researcher from academia and discuss different aspects and problems in data science. We want to give a peek to what’s going on with data science across the Israeli industry and also to talk about different algorithms, tools, papers, methods and pretty much everything that’s interesting and related to Data Science and Machine Learning.

The podcast is aimed to data science professionals and researchers, as well as for those who work and collaborate with data science teams and beginners in the field.

All Episodes are recorded in Hebrew.
We want to thank Samsung Next for hosting us.

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    Deep Learning for NLP with Yoav Goldberg

    On the first episode we talked with Yoav Goldberg from Bar Ilan university about NLP, deep learning research, life in academia and that medium blog post that started a fire. Click on the episode name to get a list of resources related to what we talked about.